Marc Digital, Founder / Creative Director  – IC3D DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT, LLC

Marc Digital, Creative Director and Founder of IC3D Design & Development, LLC, has been into Graphic Design since his early teenage years. A creative person by genetics, his grandfather worked with Norman Rockwell on several drawings and paintings, and was a respected artist in the CT area in the early 20?s. Marc’s mother, also an avid artist, also has been blessed with the talent of having an eye for lines, colors, and distributing them in accordance of artistic displays of beauty. These traits from his family members are truely shown thru his innovative, intricate visions of what he deems as attractive to the eye.


In his early years of a teen, he was heavily into the art of graffiti. This opened his mind to many different styles of art. With being a graffiti artist, he was able to portray his visions thru pencil, pen, marker, or paint. This transferred from paper onto walls, surfaces, areas where it can be awed upon by passers by, or other artists. Marc found out early that the older artists really respected his desire to become a more developed artist, and his drive and persistence in becoming one of the greats in the area.


Marc would always be out doing what he loved, so he could be recognized for his talents and works. Being recognized was important to Marc, as it was for many in this field. Many of the artists in the area, gave him respect for being the youngest artist in the area, also for being one of the most persistent and clever. This was a developmental stage of a true creative visionary. With no boundaries, and a continued success of evading those who wanted to silence his form of self-expression, Marc found it wise to throw in the towel with the graffiti game, and move onto something fresh and new. Graphic Design.


Graphic Design was something that always interested him, but he knew nothing of how to begin, or where to start. He started doing alot of reading on the internet, looking at design websites, and other forms of digital art that he was impressed by. Marc, a self-taught designer, spent endless hours on the computer, building his understanding of Graphic Design, concepts, techniques and styles that he could use to further express his desire to please the eye thru artistic works. This only made him evolve into a much more creative individual, merging graphic design, with graffiti, with freehand art, and futuristic concepts that many people have never been introduced to. He then took on the moniker “Digital” given to him by people relating him to computers and anything having to do with digital technology.


Fast forward to the present, Marc Digital, Creative Director and Founder of IC3D Design & Development, LLC ( has taken his vision to a new level. The name IC3D stemmed from his endless hours on the computer working in 3D environments. This in turn evolved into the company name IC3D, this name defining itself as stating Marc and his design team concieve their visions in a 3 dimensional state of mind. This name sake holds true to it’s definition, for just about every piece of design created by IC3D Design & Development, LLC is created in programs souly used for the purpose of 3D rendering. The surreal elements that you see are NOT generated by a custom myspace website like many you may see. Everything you are witnessing, has been envisioned, developed, and coded by the prodigys of IC3D Design & Development, LLC.


With the persistence and determination of a pitbull, Marc Digital continues to guide IC3D as they expand their exclusive design orientated services nationwide. Through this consistent business-minded hustle, IC3D Design & Development, LLC is pushing forward onto the heels of some of the most sought after web & graphic design studios. This ambition to reach the plateau of excellence has created a standard for IC3D, as to perform consistently even under the most demanding of circumstances, accomodating the conditions of any project, and dealing with the needs and requirements of even the most demanding of clients.


Marc Digital’s ventures do not cease to exist here, they only evolve into greater economic interests for himself, his team, and his family. To speak in detail on these ventures would be pre-mature as Marc prefers to be below the radar, and let his performance speak for itself.


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